Char 113441 thumb
Status Alive
Reddit Username TheFern33
Personal Information
Race Fullbringer
Birthday 12/3
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 140
Blood Type A+
Family ?
Alignment Fullbringer
Professional Information
Base of Operations Naruki City
Affiliation Xcution
Position Member
Partner ?
Fullbring Steal Their Breath....


Name:Aaron Markel



D.O.B: 12/3

Race: Fullbringer

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A+

Marital Status: Single


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Skin: White

Body type: Toned

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Aaron is a friendly student in university. He was a fairly normal teenager until he discovered his powers. Ever since then Aaron has seemed much more secretive and like he is always hiding something. Though he never lets that stop him from making friends.


School, Weapons, Nature


People who act pompous, acts of massive destruction.


Aaron lived a fairly standard life until he discovered his powers. He had a necklace that was given to him by his mother when he was young which he always wears. His father while supportive throughout his life gave the vibe that he couldn't wait until Aaron was off on his own. Upon moving to university Aaron quickly became that guy that everyone was friendly with but no one asked him to do anything with them. He quickly became lonely and fairly isolated until he responded to a hollow threat in the city and discovered one of his class mates was responding to the same thing. She was so skilled with a sword Aaron couldn't help but be envious. He began talking with the girl more and they became close friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Steal Their Breath...Edit

Glow in the dark dragon claw skyrim dragon age by mysoulshards-d5vz3w3

Aaron's fullbring utilizes the life and soul of living things around him. He drains the life from his surroundings to fuel his attacks and powers. (these effects are purely for flavor and do not harm any OCs engaging Aaron)

Aaron release
Name Soul Binding
Type Utility
Cost 3 (2 in release) (4 round CD)
Stat Sei
Range Medium

Aaron uses the soul/life essence from all surrounding living things to bind his opponent in place. Creating a dark and twisted rune across his targets body for the duration. (this attack does not drain life/soul from any OCS or NPCS unless specifically OKed by that OC/NPCs controller)

Name Spirit Crush
Type Utility
Cost 4 (3 in release)
Stat Sei
Range Melee-Long

Aaron steals the life from living things around him to create small orbs of pure energy that explode upon making contact.  if intelligent life sources fuel the attack (humans etc.) screams can be heard amongst the explosions. (this attack does not drain life/soul from any OCS or NPCS unless specifically OKed by that OC/NPCs controller it does however still damage as a normal damaging attack would.)


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Name Fire Bolt
Type Offensive
Cost (Out of Fullbring) 2
Cost (Using Fullbring) 1
Stat Sei
Range Med-Long
Level 15

Aaron keeps a lighter on his person to serve as a fire source. When he creates the flame he can will the fire to shoot towards his target.

Name Entrench
Type Defensive
Cost (Out of Fullbring) 4
Cost (Using Fullbring) 3
Stat Sei
Range Personal-Short
Level 30

Aaron uses his surrounding to encase himself in a protective sphere (earth water fire etc etc)  allowing him to protect himself or allies from his enemys attacks. Can also be used to surround enemys and inhibit their own attacks. Lasts 2 turns unless broken through

Name Thunder Crash
Type Offensive
Cost (Out of Fullbring) 5
Cost (Using Fullbring) 4
Stat Sei
Range Short-Med
Level 40

Aaron keeps a magnet in his pocket to generate and electrical source when he can then shoot out in multiple directions either at a singular target or at multiple targets at the same time.


{{{hankou bonus}}}(+1){{{hakuda bonus}}}(+2){{{bukijuu bonus}}}(+2)
REI 6 (+1)
SEI 7 (+2)
HOH 8 (+2)
Base points 30
Earned 8 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 38


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

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OC RelationshipsEdit

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Hope Aarons best friend.





Out of Character InfoEdit

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