Adalbert von Weißenberg
Adalbert2Ritter P "The Paladin"
Nickname The Proud Knight
Status Alive
Reddit Username AdalbertQuincy
Personal Information
Race Quincy (Pureblood)
Birthday 22 July
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 170 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Family Sara von Weißenberg Matriarch (mother, deceased)

Reynfrid von Weißenberg (father, deceased) Brother and sister (deceased) Lütolf Reynfrid von Weißenberg ( Great Uncle)

Alignment Lawful Good
Professional Information
Base of Operations New York City
Position Member

Adalbert von WeißenbergEdit

Name: Adalbert von Weißenberg

Schrift (not unlocked): P "The Paladin"

Nicknames: The Proud Knight


D.O.B: 22 July

Race: Pureblood Quincy

Gender: Male

Blood Type:AB-



Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: White and long.

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pale white

Body type: Lean Muscular

Adalbert wears a white suit of armour with a blue cape. His quincy cross is built into the front plate of his armour. He wears a cotton navy undergarment, the collar comes up to his ears. Over his heart, there is a sanrei seal that he can remove when he has the power to learn  Vollständig. He has feminine features, and small almond shaped eyes. He is usually clean shaven, is pale in complexion. He tends to dress in gowns and tunics when not in his armour. His tallness and formal stature make him imposing and slightly hard to relate to in Modern times.

Personality Edit

Adalbert is warm hearted and kind. He can be stern and hard to communicate with emotionally and conversationally but values human life over everything, despite being overly utilitarian at times. He comes from a long line of Quincies, who have preserved values not fitting of the sometimes cold hearted race. Hailing from Germany, he has come to New York  due to the high concentration of spiritual energy. He speaks Japanese, German and English. He is slightly hard to get along with, and can come across eccentric and thoughtless. Despite all this, Adalbert is loyal and cares about those he deems as noble and pure of heart.

Likes Edit

Consummé, Venison and the music of Schumann and Beethoven.

Dislikes Edit

Tofu, sexism and the violent people. He intensely dislikes Hollows.


Born in a Weißenberg Castle to the Weißenberg family. Adalbert is of noble quincy blood. His father was wiped out when fighting a group of Vasto Lorde. He later learns his great uncle Lütolf orchestrated this. He was exiled by Lütolf after being beaten by him during a confrontation. Lütolf beat him without even raising his spirit weapon. Adalbert was left within an inch of his life. After 4 years of recovering his abilities and health he left Germany. His life spared, Adalbert swore to defeat his Uncle and his cult of followers. He is in New York City to become stronger.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Weapon: SchildkannoneEdit

A cross (cruciform) shaped Tower Shield that covers Adalbert’s entire body, it is as wide as his body save for the arms of the cross which are naturally wider. In the centre (intersection of the cross) is a cannon that fires lance shaped Heilig Pfeil. When fully formed, details of ancient writings and floral design can be seen embossed on the outside of the shield.

Die Lanzette Edit

Name Die Lanzette
Type Melee
Cost Medium
Stat BUK
Range Short

The Schildkannone changes form into a long ornate Medieval lance. The lance propels forward when held by Adalbert and deals melee damage based on the BUK stat. There is an one-turn cool down time per usage.

Die Lanzette Damage Matrix Edit
BUK difference Damage
5 or more greater than Adalbert Low
2-4 greater than Adalbert Low-Medium
1 less, the same or 1 greater than Adalbert Medium
2-5 less than Adalbert High-Medium
6-7 less than Adalbert High
8 or more less than Adalbert Devastating

Liebster Nachbar Edit

Name Liebster Nachbar
Type Defensive
Cost Low
Stat SEI (Opponents SEI/BUK/HAK depending on technique)
Range Short

Schildkanone will teleport to the nearest ally to tank a blow based on opponents SEI/BUK/HAK difference with Adalbert's SEI. Can be used as attack happens or before in anticipation of attack. A close range version of Wätcher.

Liebster Nachbar Effect Matrix Edit

Schrift: P "The Paladin" (LOCKED) Edit

Valiance Edit

Name Valiance
Type Defensive/Tank
Cost Medium (per hit)
Stat HAN
Range Long

Allows Adalbert to automatically move to his selected Allie (chosen at onset of battle/event/ability usage). He doesn't just reduce damage dealt to ally but tanks the hit completely. He will automatically continue to do so until he runs out of Tubes or Health. He can teleport within a reasonable distance (event area) to tank the hit of the selected ally. His skin is hardened based on his HAN setting to reduce damage, the same occurs when he is alone. It allows him to reduce damage based on HAN of opponent against his own.

Other ItemsEdit

The Silver Quincy armour that hosts his cross. Other than protecting him (just his normal HAN stat) it has no special effects.

Ginto Edit

Name Volume (Tubes used) Stat Effect Range
Kirchenlied: Wächter

(Incantation: Errupt forth holy light and shield the chosen from wicked reckoning)

1 small for short range or 2 small/1 medium for mid range. SEI Thrown at ally to create massive shield that tanks that reduces damage taken by next attack from opponent by ½  at short range or ¼  at mid range.  If Adalbert’s SEI is greater than the opponent, his ability barrier’s ability  to block increases; if the SEI of the opponent is higher, than their ability increases. Adalbert can use this ability on himself too. Short/Mid
Wolke Utility/1 S Tube SEI Creates a cloud of Reishi to cushion a fall or blow Short


(Blut Vene +4)[Blut Arterie +2][Blut Arterie +2][Blut Arterie+2](Blut Vene +2)
HAN 6 (Blut Vene +4)
HAK 4 [Blut Arterie +2]
SEI 7 [Blut Arterie +2]
BUK 5 [Blut Arterie+2]
HOH 4 (Blut Vene +2)
Base points 30
Earned 2 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 32


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