Heiwa Yukimura
Original"Calmness. Humility. Humbleness. Grace."
Status Alive
Reddit Username Cydimaria
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday 31-1-1907
Gender Male
Height 5 11"
Weight 125 lbs
Blood Type O+
Family ?
Alignment Peaceful Good
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division ?
Position ?
Partner ?
Release Command "Dissolve..."
Shikai Osoroshii Un Bura (Horrifying Umbra)
Bankai none
Sealed Weapon Katana
Tsuba shape A simple, polished black tsuba.


Name: Heiwa Yukimura

Nicknames: None which he's aware of.

Age: 87, but looks 17.

D.O.B: 31st January, 1908

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O+

Marital Status: Single


Height: 5 7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Silver, but it looks white and nearly translucent on a sunny day.

Eyes: A soft gray that matches his eyes.

Skin: Caucasian.

Body type: Heiwa's body leans a bit towards the skinny side, but it doesn't show underneath his robes.


If Heiwa could be described in one word? "Pacifist."

And that's exactly how he acts. He's soft, kind, gentle, and almost always treats someone with the same loving respect he would treat an elder, whether they're younger or older than him. He's very selfless, and swallows his pride very easily to benefit others. He's very humble, and never wears grand or elaborate clothing. In short, he's all that's meant to be expected of the Yukimura clan.


Spicy food


Quiet walks at night

Calm and Peacefulness.


Violent People

Disruptive people


Loud music and noise


The Yukimura clan.

Some of the most peaceful, war-hating pacifists the soul society had ever seen.

So why where their Zanpakuto's the exact opposite of what they were?

Heiwa Yukimura, a 17th generation Yukimura, was cursed with the exact same fate as his father, and his father before him; a Zanpakuto as monstrous and horrifying as the others.

Of course, when he was just a child, he didn't know this. What he did know, however, was how his life was.

From a young age, several lessons were instilled into Heiwa; Humility. Humbleness. Grace. Speak softly, and let none be harmed by you. It was typical of the Yukimura clan, and Heiwa followed the rules obediently, growing into a fine young model of a man (if a bit on the feminine side; his family would not let him hear the end of it.) And as soon as he was old enough, he went to the Seireitei, and joined the Gotei 13.

(Sorry if it's a bit rushed, will add later)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Inner WorldEdit

Heiwa's inner world is terrifying. The sky is always cloudy; a blood red moon hangs in the sky, like a malevolent eye. There's a large palace where his Zanpakuto resides; and outside, several dried fountains can be found, next to a broken old shack and a destroyed lamp-post. A thin layer of algae filled water covers the grounds and seeps around the trees. The unmistakable smell of flesh is in the air; accentuated by the cawing of red eyed crows, which seem to be everywhere.

Osoroshii Un Bura (Horrifying Umbra)Edit

Legend of the cryptids demon dude ver 1 by davidrapozaart-d5jyye0

Osoroshii, during it's sealed state, is a katana with a polished black tsuba, a red hilt, and a silver edge to it's blade. It seems to dullen in the darkness more then other swords, up til the point only the silver is visible. It's sheath is just a simple black casing with cuts along the broad side. Osoroshii's spirit, is the exact opposite of Heiwa. It's cruel, evil, horrifying, torturous, and has no intention of trying to act otherwise. Osoroshii itself looks like a monster; it stands at 10 feet tall, has pus yellow eyes with blood constantly dripping out of them. It has curved horns that stick out of it's cheeks and chin. It's armor can simply be defined as hellish. It does not use a weapon; it's long, jagged claws are enough.  

Release command: Dissolve, Osoroshii Un Bura...

Horrifying Umbra
Type Offensive/Sensory interference
Cost Med (Small interval)- High (Large Interval)
Stat SEI
Range         Mid-Close Range

Osoroshii's main function; to delay and confuse the enemy. Upon activation, a sort of sensory interference happens to Heiwa's enemy; the rate at which they hear and see things is delayed, usually by a second or two; against a higher classed opponent, Osoroshii's sensory interference will usually last from two seconds to not affecting them at all, depending on their power. Against a weaker opponent, Osoroshii is much more effective, with intervals of often three seconds or more.

Against someone with a SEI level at least 5 levels higher then him, Osoroshii has no effect. (No turn)

Against someone with a SEI level 1-3 levels above him, Osoroshii's sensory delay lasts for one second. (Half a turn)

Against someone with his SEI level, Osoroshii's sensory delay lasts for two seconds. (One turn)

Against someone with a SEI level 1-3 levels lower then his, Osoroshii's sensory delay lasts for three seconds. (One and a half turns)

Against someone with a SEI level 4 levels or lower then his, Osoroshii's sensory delay lasts for four seconds. (Two turns)

(Ability name)

Describe your second ability.


Ninchi Shou No Yamiyo Un Bura
Name Demented Moonless Umbra
Type Support/Illusion
Cost Very High
Stat SEI
Range         Very Long (if staring)- Close (If struck)

During Bankai, if an opponent stares at Osoroshii for too long, or is struck by it, they will enter a hallucinatory world, filled with their worst nightmares, fears, and more coming to life before their eyes and attacking. Every attack the illusions do feels real; but no wound is incurred. Moreover, there are two ways to stop Ninchi Shou; Either by attacking the victim with such force that the illusions break, or by overcoming the illusions themselves- a feat nearly impossible to achieve, seeing as your worst nightmares and fears have come to life, and they can hurt you.

Other ItemsEdit

Anything else your OC may have such as technology and gadgets. These MUST be mod approved.


{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}(+3){{{bukijuu bonus}}}(+3)
SEI 7 (+3)
HOH 6 (+3)
Base points 25
Earned 5 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 30


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

While he usually won't begin a conversation, Heiwa is more then happy to keep one up, with a polite smile that betrays no irritance or judgment. His replies are usually spoken in a soft, gentle tone; and his voice is very silvery and singsong-ish. He'll always be formal, and try not to be too prodding with his questions.

OC RelationshipsEdit

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Out of Character InfoEdit

GMT +5

Rper: Cydimaria

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