Kanami (光波  Wave of Light) Yano (柳野  Willow Field) is a Shinigami of the Gotei 13 and a rather recent graduate of Shin'o Academy

Status Alive
Reddit Username BoundsUnknown
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday April 1st
Gender female
Height 5'4"
Weight 140 lbs
Blood Type B
Family Sachi Yano (deceased)

Ai Harima

Alignment Lawful Neutral
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division ?
Position ?
Partner ?
Release Command Light your Torch (火ともしする Hitomoshi Suru)
Shikai Blazing Enchanter (炎の悩殺 (Honoo no Nousatsu))
Bankai Zealous Beacons of Firestorms (熱意航路標識の火気 嵐 (Netsui Kōro Hyōshiki no Kaki Arashi))
Sealed Weapon Tachi
Tsuba shape Circular


This particular Soul Reaper sports a rather average height of five feet and four inches in combination with a healthy physique, with about 140 lbs of weight Kanami is more curvy than the average Shinigami, which manifests in an elegant hourglass shape. Due to a genetic defect she was born an albino. Her hair is white as snow and about long enough to go down to her chest. For personal reasons she ritually dyes them into a light brown shade. Usually she prefers a more organized hairstyle than wearing them open, whether it's braids, sidetails or ponytails. Kanami sports a round face ending in a slightly pointed chin with calm slightly angled eyes. She sports an unimposing cute nose and well trimmed and shaped eyebrows.


With natural, unrestricted hair in one of the dresses her adoptive mother made.

Due to the influence of her sword, Kanami has no problem tanning and often sports one. With high cheekbones and not overly voluminous lips she has a noble look and her slender and long fingers speak a thousand words on her talents.

Like the majority of seated members she is wearing the black robes of Shinigami, her sword strapped to her side with the help of a red sash she almost always wears. A rather common piece of clothing are a pair of gaiters in place of socks.

There are secrets she's hiding under her clothes as well, she has a tattoo of a Samurai in full armor on her back as well as a Chinese-Style dragon winding from her right hip over her back under the Samurai to crawl up to the back of Kanami's shoulder and it ends with the head of the dragon resting on her chest.

Only a tiny scarred piece of her tongue is left in her mouth and she has been unable to speak but can still laugh and giggle, although she does have a habit of suppressing it.


A rather fancy outfit for Kanami's real world operations.

When wearing her Gigai, Kanami will almost always wear twin tails and her hair is way longer than usually, mostly because she doesn't have to fight in the artificial body and therefore her hair getting in the way isn't problematic. She only has few sets of clothes for her stays in the real world but those are incredibly extravagant and the patterns and the way it looks makes her look like some sort of mage lost in the modern time. The real downside to this Gigai,it always shows her natural hair color so even if she has freshly dyed them her locks will appear as white.

Because an albino with dark skin is almost impossible in the real world due to how they interact with sunlight her Gigai also always displays her skin as snow white like her hair. Kanami doesn't exactly like this but she isn't really despising it either


When looking at her for the first time the majority of observers only see Kanami as a quiet and withdrawn person, with her temper locked away deep inside her, she only seems to interact if she has to. A second glance and some time spent with her however completely shatters the image created by her lack of words and seemingly introverted nature.

Kanami is everything but quiet and easy to hide away, the only thing true is her lack of words and the fact that she does get absorbed in a subject if it piques her interest as she considers knowledge to be one of the most powerful resources in life as well as the afterlife. She'll determine herself to solve and understand issues at all costs.


Kanami when she felt the spirit inside her sword for the first time.

She isn't really gifted in a lot of subjects but rather works her way to success, there are however few select things she is talented at. She can draw rather well and always tries to improve her performance to the point of almost perfection. The artist in her knows she would get tired of her past-time if she actually managed to perfect it so she tries to take small steps, often drawing scenery, objects and very rarely people. Her tolerance when dealing with meddling people is quite low, in fact she dislikes it so much that she hasn't drawn a portray of an actual person for decades.

Because she spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years in the higher districts of Rukongai Kanami isn't exactly a spoiled child. in fact she would consider herself to be rather modest and doesn't own too many things she regards as superficial. For her if something has no function or sentimental value then it is nothing but a waste of space and additional weight in her bag so she tries to avoid those things, but she isn't free of faults so occasionally there are some things she will just get for their looks or because it reminds her of something she could have seen somewhere when there were better times.


An older picture, with shorter and more wild hair only two years after she was picked up by her adoptive mother.

Kanami isn't exactly a loner or dislikes her comrades, yet she was often ignored because of her disablility to talk as it required her classmates to either learn sign language or being the only talking partner in the conversation. Needless to say it irritated a lot of Shinigami Recruits and so Kanami worked most of the time alone and has gotten quite accustomed to doing so, on her own she works like a perfectly oiled machine however if pushed into in a team maybe even with people unlike her who are more impulsive and easier to fall for tricks she would perform rather badly. As a negative side effect she has become way too proud of her abilities and capabilities, often mistaking blatant arrogance for confidence.

Maybe it's because she can't speak herself but when Kanami heard another voice in her head it didn't take too long before she noticed it wasn't the voice of insanity whispering in her thoughts but the words of a charmingly intelligent man calling her name over and over again, much to her surprise the spirit of her Soul Slayer, a manifestation of herself turned out to be a man. Although it surprised and confused Kanami at first she is now well acquainted to her Zanpakutou and the other inhabitant of her inner world, so much that both of them share each other's thoughts at every waking moment and sometimes he uses her as a catalyst to speak for her if the two of them deem it to be necessary.


  • Sunny yet not too warm days
  • Pretty scenery
  • Learning new things
  • Reading and playing with people


  • Overbearing and whiny people
  • Being reliant on others
  • Being treated like a cripple


As a HumanEdit

Kanami doesn't remember anything about her life on earth when passing over to Soul Society she slowly forgot until there was nothing left but hazy flashes and occasional dreams.

Nevertheless just because she doesn't remember it doesn't mean nothing happened during the now Soul Reaper's short lifespan.

Born to a pair of farmers and an older sister in rural Japan, Kanami was an odd child, born with red eyes and ashen hair many of the more traditional members of their village branded her a demon already before reaching the age of three. Especially due to this false belief and bad reputation Kanami's parents were extremely strict to please the other villagers and prove their child was not meaning to harm. A task that proved to be almost impossible as Kanami would become more and disobedient as she grew up, seemingly ignoring every order and cry of her name when not looking directly at her parents. And to top all of this off the white haired child never spoke a word, just watched and changed posture depending on whether she was feeling scared, comfortable, or anxious and behind closed doors without judging gazes happy.

The realization hit Kanami's parents quite hard when she reached the age of five and now began "communicating" by gestures. The girl was mute and deaf, a fact her older sister had realized way earlier than her parents always blinded by frustration built up by a naughty child and loud neighbours.

After reaching the age of seven complaints about Kanami seemed to pile up to an inhumane amount, the villagers blamed about everything they could on the "demon child", a not so plentiful harvest, worse weather than anticipated, animals shying away from their shepherds, even wives and husbands not being as "nice" to each other as planned in the evenings.

The only possible solution to cure the village was to send their curse away and so poor, harmless Kanami was to be expelled for the sake of all. Her parents and older sister spent hours on hours discussing, reasoning and to the end pleading for her to stay but the choice was not theirs and apparently it wasn't the decision of their village either. One night, a group of bandits and scavengers attacked, burning down those who wouldn't wake fast enough and beating the resisting ones to bloody pulps. Kanami's and her sister's parents died on that day at the hands of a burly man riddled with scars swinging an axe like another limb.

Valiantly her older sister defended the panicked Kanami, picking up a sword to spite death just for a few more moments or so she thought. They were lucky for an elderly Samurai was resting with his troops not far away and had noticed the smoke. This Samurai saved their lives by mowing down bandits and taking both of the girls in promising to teach the older as a recognition of her valour.

Many years passed and the siblings grew older in the care of the Samurai, living happy lives and concentrating on different goals, Kanami being trained to be a proper lady and artist while her older sister passed as a man to go forth on the path of a Samurai. As long as it lasted however, it all ended on a summer day with a dagger in Kanami's heart as she tried to protect her adoptive father.

Early Years of RukongaiEdit

Teenage YearsEdit

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Present TimeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Zanpakutō 炎の悩殺 Honoo no Nousatsu (Blazing Enchanter)Edit

Inner WorldEdit


"A beacon of knowledge blazing out on a black sea of ignorance!" -Honoo no Nousatsu

Hardly anyone would really like it inside Kanami's mind, her inner world is a place of learning surrounded by fire and lava, the temperature alone brings discomfort to anyone who isn't used to it and to top it off it is virtually impossible to find a certain location in her mind if one isn't familiar with how she thinks or acts. In essence it's a maze with no way of taking shortcuts and often her Soul Slayer is found in the center or in one of the buildings studying the world itself and everything connected to it.

Due to how the world itself works every thought can become audible for her and her Zanpakutou if only she concentrates enough on it, this way she has successfully avoided the communication barrier that would occur in her head due to her being unable to speak. This ability isn't exclusive to her, everyone inside her mind can make use of it if only they know how to actually utilize it, it is impossible to do this accidentally so no important information can get leaked without the user's permission.


Despite being used frequently Kanami's sword still looks fresh and polished, because she dedicates a lot of time in its treatment.

Kanami's Zanpakutou is something she would describe as beautiful with a long grip wrapped in scaly black leather and a golden Chinese-style dragon where her left hand would normally be. The hilt is then covered in wrappings the color of Venetian red leaving only leaving diamond shaped spaces where the leather and ornament can be seen. The tsuba of her Soul Slayer is circular with little fireballs punched out of the golden colored metal.

Kanami's sword is a Tachi, meaning the blade is longer than the average Katana with with about eighty centimeters from the end of her hilt to the tip of the blade. Honnoo no Nousatsu's blade is also more curved, due to the Tachi's original purpose of fighting on horseback. Her Soul Slayer's blade is never stained nor does it show signs of a chipped edge, because Kanami always spends necessary time to take care of her Soul Slayer, the blade is even neatly enough polished to see your reflection in it.

Along with the blazing's enchanters blade there comes a sheath as well and as is everything about the blade it's quite detailed and ornate. The hardwood of her sheath is covered in finer leather with the upper part where she needs to grip colored in black and the rest in red shade with dark smears. The sheath is enhanced with metal on the top and bottom of the blade for the sake of sturdiness.

Release command: Light your Torch (火ともしする Hitomoshi Suru)


"Incantation of Incineration!" - Honoo no Nousatsu


Behold before you the illustrious, the imperious...

As it is with a lot of Shikai Kanami's first release doesn't change much about the hilt or tsuba but there's a significant change with the blade as it catches fire seemingly burning to coals with flames lingering around the metal. Inside the core of her blade the heart of the ember will smoulder and the metal will lose its curve, bending with the flames into a straight line.

In this form her Zanpakutou will resemble European double edged straight swords more than the original Japanese Tachi but it will retain its original length. Fire spreading from her blade is directly fed by Kanami's Reiryoku and it will burn stronger and hotter if she wills it or only embers will remain if she does not have the strength left to stoke the fire.

Now there is a very important detail about Kanami's Shikai which can make or break situations for her and it's the fact she has no way so far to unlock the first seal of her sword by herself, despite how close she is to her spirit. As the incantation normally needs to be spoken and heard to function properly the only way for Kanami to access her Shikai outside of her inner world is for her Zanpakutou to release it for her, which can sometimes be quite tricky with how arrogant and fickle her Soul Slayer can be. If she manages to get on his bad side then she very well can forget the possibility of releasing Shikai.

If one wouldn't know Honoo no Nousatsu they could pretty easily describe him in two words, "Arrogant Prick". Honoo offers chiseled facial features, harsh eyes and thin lips long, well kept blonde hair, majestic robes, pointed ears and simple white eyes without pupils making it hard to find out whether he is keeping eye contact or letting his gaze drift over the landscape. He is anything but modest and the way he carries himself as well as the way he speaks points that out pretty well. Kanami's Soul Slayer thinks himself to be the greatest well of power there is. In his opinion 'Knowledge is everything' and there is no strategy he couldn't counter given enough time. Maybe the reason for him turning out be a Tachi in unreleased form is due to the figurative high horse he rides on.


...ingenious spirit inside you!

Even though Honoo does think himself to be the greatest Soul Slayer and magician there ever lived he has developed a caring side for Kanami often berating her when she does something that might end up biting her in the ass in the long run, or letting her run right into it if the experience ends up profiting her. In the beginning it wasn't quite like this, though. When Kanami first found her Soul Slayer all she found was a man barking orders at a recruit he expected to already have matured into a soldier. He cursed her for being an unfit master, a burden for his great mind and that fashion continued a very long time, for months Kanami was denied access to her Soul Slayer's abilities and blocked out of his thoughts. But she did her best during this time, learning, practicing and hardly ever resting so she could stand up to this man who claimed to be a God stuck inside the body of a mortal. Honnoo no Nousatsu appreciated that kind of effort and seeing as Kanami kept her hard work up he treated her an equal.

Fumetsu Hinote 不滅 火の手 Immortal Flames
Name Fumetsu Hinote
Type Offensive
Cost Low/Medium
Stat SEI
Range Melee/Low        

Kanami's immortal flames are a construct of her spiritual power, sparks light and embers burn as soon as her wish is made and she provides her Zanapakutou with the appropriate amount of power. So as long as she can provide fuel for her flames she can make them burn hotter to increase the amount of damage her slashes, cuts and stabs will do. Opponent's will be set on fire with each slash that catches on to cloth or anything else flammable.

The shape of her flames can also extend past the original sword body, to close a gap or simply increase her reach Kanami can broaden her sword by letting the fire spread or lengthen it. Most of the time it is quite exhausting to maintain this for a longer time period so she only uses it when she really needs it instead of carrying around an abomination of a fire sword all the time.

Kajiba-kaki Tama 鍛冶場 火気霊 Forge Fire Spirits
Name Kajiba-kaki Tama
Type Offensuive/Summon
Cost Moderate
Stat SEI
Range Moderate      

Summons two burning spirits fighting on their own terms for Kanami, they do not have a set of attacks but instead rely on burning the enemy on contact. If they are destroyed by the enemy they vanish in a small explosion.

As they possess no life force of their own they share a soul link with Kanami, who will take damage in their stead. Once transferred damage would normally kill the spirits - if they were their own entities - they'll burst.

Spirits adapt half of Kanami's HAN and REI.

Hi no kokoro 火の心 Heart of Fire (locked)
Name Hi no Kokoro
Type Defensive/Offensive
Cost Moderate to Very High
Range Self        

Allows the user to absorb an incoming spiritual based attack in Kanami’s flames or scabbard. When successfully absorbed, she may draw on that power and use it for a single empowered attack or ability. (Cooldown of 6 turns)

Complete Absorption is only successful if Kanami's REI/SEI average is equal or higher than her opponent's offensive stat, with the cost being relative to the enemies'.

If Kanami's REI/SEI average is lower than the other's offensive stat she cannot use the absorbed energy for a counterattack, but she can still absorb it. Cost is relative to the attack's cost and she risks breaking her weapon against significantly stronger enemies.

Bankai: Zealous Beacons of Firestorms (熱意航路標識の火気 嵐 Netsui Kōro Hyōshiki no Kaki Arashi)Edit

Shōkyaku no Jumon 焼却の呪文 Incantation of Incineration (locked)
Name Shōkyaku no Jumon
Type Offensive
Cost Moderate (1 Orb)
Stat SEI
Range Moderate         

To utilize this ability Kanami needs to absorb orbs into the flames of her sword, which will act as remote triggered bombs once planted into the ground/walls/enemies. She cannot place more than four of those but trigger each of them mentally. The area of effect is not particularly big and the explosions take the shape of a pillar approximately 5 meters in diameter and 5 meters in height.

Yōjutsusha Aigan Ryū 妖術者 愛玩 竜 Sorceress' Pet Dragon (locked)
Name Yōjutsusha Aigan Ryū
Type Offensive
Cost High (4 Orbs)
Stat SEI
Range Long         

Born of her Reiryoku and four beacons an apparition of a dragon will start to materialize on the battlefield. Unlike the spirits of her Shikai this dragon can NOT be harmed, nor dealt damage to but it will automatically vanish after using two powerful attacks of its fire breath

Hametsu Ha 破滅刃 Ruin Blade (locked)
Name Hametsu Ha
Type Offensive
Cost Very High (4 Orbs)
Range Moderate      

The strongest and most tiring ability of this Bankai is a combination of fire magics and swordsmanship. The required four orbs of Kanami will rise up in the air aligning with her blade to form a giant sword of flames, about ten metres high. It can be swung around two times with additional power before the third and last swing will release its entire energy in a flaming burst.

Other ItemsEdit

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HAN 7 (+1)
REI 7 (+2)
SEI 9 (+2)
BUK 9 (+1)
Base points 25
Earned 12 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 37


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

  • 5'4"
  • hourglass shape, curvy
  • dark brown almost black hair
  • standard shihakusho
  • wearing white gaiters instead of socks
  • Zanpakutou strapped to her side
  • higher body temperature of 111 °Fahrenheit / 44 °Celsius
  • mute, talks by gesturing/writing/sign language

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Out of Character InfoEdit

Timezone: GMT +1/2 (Germany)

Name: Alex

Interests: Fun Shenanigans, Serious character development, pretty much anything that isn't a pure dick measuring contest fight.