Lavi Walker
Trafalgar Law
Status active
Reddit Username Django_The_Whatever
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday 23th of January
Gender male
Height 1.75 m
Weight 75 kg
Blood Type 0-
Family Haru Izumi (father)
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Release Command Cut the room
Shikai space splitter
Bankai none
Sealed Weapon katana
Tsuba shape staff


Name: Lavi Walker

Nicknames: none

Age: appears to be 25-30

D.O.B: 23th of January

Race: Shinigami

Gender: male

Blood Type: 0-

Marital Status: single


Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 75 kg

Hair: black

Eyes: blue

Body type: Slender

Lavi is a regular, not muscular but still not skinny, shinigami. He has short black hair, but you can bearly see it under his fluffy yellow hat. You can also see his tattoos on his arms which resemble the mark his zanpakutou leaves. The tattoos on his finges are letters and say "death" on the left hand and "pain" on the right hand. Lavi normaly wears his yellow t-shirt you can see under his open black coat.


Is a relaxed and chilly guy. He doesnt like to fight too much and rather spends his free time smoking and chilling under some trees on nice summer days Unless there's a party going on. Then hes is still gona stay in the background but does everything to enjoy himself.


Art, smoking, dangling throug the city

the colour yellow


work, wife, wolfes (they are scary)


Lavi Walker, or Lavi Izumi (his original name) was born and raised somewhere far in the rukon district with his mother and his father Haru Izumi. Soon later she decided to get devorced with Haru, beacuse she knew that she couldn't stay together with Haru any longer. Without any warning she left Haru alone in the rukon district and ran away with Lavi in her hands towards place where the young man called Roger Walker lived. The two of them got married and Lavi's second name became Walker. Roger treated Lavi like he was his own child. As Lavi grew up, he had a hard time believing that Roger was his real farther. Whenever Lavi saw him in the eyes or had a fun time with him, he didn't feel anything towards this man. He started ignoring this feelings and lived an ordinary life. On his 16th birthday his mother told him the truth about his father. Devastated Lavi started drugs but after while decided to change himself anf become a shinigami.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Inner WorldEdit

An apparently infinit room filled with many cubes and flooded with water till short under the knees

space splitter (japanese)Edit

Standard katana with purple hilt wrappings and a wider blade. Release command: Cut the room (Unatained)

His Zanpakutou turns into a 2m long staff.

Mark / Suwappu ryōiki (Unatained) k /
Name Mark / Suwappu ryōiki
Type "place swap"
Cost one mark per turn / 3 turns
Stat REI
Range wherever he hits his target / mark has to be in 10m radius

If the tip of the staff hits a target it leaves a mark on the spot it hit. The mark stays for 7 turns and doesn't affect the objekt or OC in any way until Lavi hits the ground with his staff and enables the true power of the mark. Lavi can switch the places of two objekts or OCs who both have the mark on them (Lavi has always the mark on himself due to his tattoos). Once an object was used for a switch the mark dissappears forever, but can be placed again on the same spot with the tip of the staff. The mark can only be used for a switch if the Object/OC is in a radius of 10m arround Lavi.

(Ability name)

Describe your second ability.


(Ability name)

Describe your Bankai ability.

Other ItemsEdit



+2{{{reiryoku bonus}}}+2{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}+2
HAN 6 +2
HAK 5 +2
HOH 6 +2
Base points 25
Earned 7 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 32


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

He's more the background caracter, but trys to be supportive in any way possible

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Haru Izumi trys to be acknowledge by him, but fails. He feels desperate about it.






Out of Character InfoEdit

Europe (Austria)


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